North Vic Engines are proud to be the sole authorised Australian distributor for KP High Performance Gaskets, an industry recognised and respected brand.

 All KP gaskets are made in Japan to the highest standards, meeting or exceeding original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

M.D. Spares - KP Gaskets

KP Gaskets Feature:

- Laminated multi-layer steel head gasket
- Multi-coating process to prevent leaks and ensure higher engine temperature endurance
- Viton® seals
- Available as Complete, VRS, Rotary, water seal and lower sets
- Suit Japanese, domestic and imported applications

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Complete Gasket Sets

Our complete gasket sets include all VRS gaskets and seals with additional pieces such as crank shaft seals, timing cover and sump gaskets.

Valve Regrind Sets (VRS)

A valve regrind set includes every gasket and seal, including head, manifold and rocker cover gaskets, required to remove and replace a cylinder head.

M.D. Spares - KP Valve Regrind Set

Rotary Gasket Sets

The rotary gasket sets come complete with all engine re-build requirements including water seals, sump gaskets and turbo to manifold gaskets as applicable.

M.D. Spares - KP Rotary Gasket
Lower Sets

Lower sets, otherwise known as conversion sets, include the gaskets and seals required for the bottom end.